At Freedom Life, we value prayer and believe that coming together with one voice in prayer honors God and empowers us to be successful.    

We offer the following corporate prayer opportunities:

  1. Sunday / 8:50am-9:20am / Located in the prayer room (west hallway)
  2. Wednesday / 7:00am-7:30am / Via Phone: (515) 604-9354 / Code: 877485#
  3. Wednesday / 7:00pm-8:05pm / Located in the main auditoriym (FLC campus)


Fasting is not only Biblical, but necessary for every believer to do. Fasting helps you disconnect from the world and draw closer to Jesus Himself.

At Freedom Life, twice a year (January and August) our church comes together to pray and fast for 21-days.  This allows us to eliminate distractions and seek God together.