Fall ‘19 semester coming soon!

Registration opens on Sunday, July 21st.

Life groups

We are a church of Life Groups, with one simple purpose: to connect people relationally and grow people spiritually.  We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and when people are intentional about making new friendships, authentic change occurs.  Living life and doing ministry together is part of our design.  That's why Life Groups exist - to make life-changing relationships and spiritual growth accessible to you.

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are groups made up of 10-20 people that gather once a week during a spring or fall semester for the purpose of relationship and spiritual growth.  With each semester, our group topics, locations, and leaders vary as we strive to keep them both at-tractional and impactful.  

Each semester is preceded by a promotional month that lasts four-weeks.  During the promotional month, all the Life Groups being offered for the upcoming semester are available for review in a booklet or online and people can choose to sign up online for the group that best fits their interest and schedule.  

Browse Life Groups by Category

Use our Life Group directory to find the group that is right for you. Below you will see a list of categories offered this coming semester. Simply click on the category(s) that interests you to see the list of groups offered. We recommend selecting a few groups that interest you before deciding on the best one. Feel free to contact the group leaders to find
out more before making your choice. We look forward to seeing you in a Life Group this fall!

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Lead a life group

Leading a Life Group is easy, fun, and rewarding.  As a group leader, you get to serve others by giving them a place to connect and grow.  Hosting a group is simple - choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others to share it.  We give you essential tools to make your Life Group successful through Leadership Training and an online directory where you can accept and manage group members.  We believe people's lives are changed one semester at a time, and as a Life Group leader you get to play an important role in that process.

If you're interested in leading a group during one of our semesters, please take the following steps:  First, click on the "Register a New Life Group" button below and submit your request.  Second, click on the "Life Group Equip Registration" button and register to attend our next LG Equip training.

Life group Equip training dates

October 13th // 1:15pm // Building #4 (student modular)

Register today or contact Pastor Daryl Doris at Daryl@freedom-life.org for more information regarding our Life Group Equip Training events.