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Enrollment is CLOSED for our upcoming fall semester! We look forward to having you as a student of FLSM in the spring of 2020!


Freedom Life School of Ministry

FLSM equips people of all ages with the Gospel so that they can grow in their relationship with Christ, live out their purpose, and reach their full-redemptive potential.  We are committed to equip, train, and release leaders who radically impact our region, nation, and world by demonstrating the power of God in every sphere of influence.  

FLSM is built upon three foundations:

   1. Academics                    2. Ministry Training                    3. Community

     Students will be taught the                       Students will receive hands on ministry                    Student life is the relational
     Word of God in-depth and                        experience by trained coaches and have                  aspect of FLSM and occurs
     receive a certificate upon                          opportunities to meet one-on-one with                    when relationships are
valued completion of all classes.             staff members of Freedom Life.                                 as a strength in ministry.

fall 2019 Classes

Foundational truths of christianity // Monday night @ 7:00pm // Instructor: Pastor Daryl Doris, Jr.

Is your foundation solid? Learn how to better understand and strengthen your knowledge concerning salvation, water baptism, and the Trinity.

Healing 101 // Tuesday night @ 7:00pm // instructor: Pastor Greg Squires

Healing is God’s divine will for every believer. Learn what God says about healing and how to live a whole life.


FLSM is currently open to members of Freedom Life Church only who meet the following requirements:

  • Salvation

  • Water Baptism

  • Completed Freedom Life's Growth Track

  • FLC Member (Fulfilling All Requirements of Membership)

  • High School Graduate

What does it cost?

Application Fee: $15.00
This is a one-time, non-refundable fee for new applicants.

*Returning students do not need to pay this fee.

Class Fee: $50.00
This fee is per class and includes 10-hours of class material and more.

How do I enroll?

Applications are available online by clicking on the "Apply Today" button below.  The application fee of $15.00 is due upon submission of the application..  This fee can either be mailed in or paid online.

Once the application is submitted, please allow 3-5 business days for processing.  Once a decision has been made based on qualifications, you will receive a notice via email as to the status of your application.  




Freedom Life School of Ministry