The goal of fasting is to draw closer to God.  Fasting is a practice that is found in both the Old Testament and New Testament and by Jesus Himself, and it has incredible power in our lives today.

What is a fast?

Fasting is abstaining from something like food, drink or entertainment for a period of time for the purpose of drawing closer to God.  Fasting benefits your spirit, soul and body.


Your personal fast should present a level of challenge, but it is very important to know your body, your options, and most importantly, to seek God in prayer and follow what the Holy Spirit leads you to do.


In this type of fast, you drink only liquids, typically water with light juices as an option.


This type of fast involves removing certain elements from your diet. One example of a selective fast is the Daniel Fast, during which you remove meat, sweets, and bread from your diet and consume water and juice for fluids and fruits and vegetables for food.


This fast is sometimes called the “Jewish Fast” and involves abstaining from eating any type of food in the morning and afternoon. This can either correlate to specific times of the day, such as 6:00 am to 3:00 pm, or from sunup to sundown.


This fast is a great option if you do not have much experience fasting food, have health issues that prevent you from fasting food, or if you wish to refocus certain areas of your life that are out of balance. For example, you might choose to stop using social media or watching television for the duration of the fast and then carefully bring that element back into your life in healthy doses at the conclusion of the fast.


This fast is a biblically based partial fast referenced in Daniel 1:12 and 10:1-2.   This fast focuses on eating only fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and beans.  For more information regarding this type of vast, visit